Mr. Manoj Mehra- CMD

The greatest feat stem from the most humble beginnings. Fashion baron Manoj Mehra has reinforced this fact with his stupendous achievements. From a rather modest start in Karol Bagh at the young age of 18, to a chain of stores across Delhi, Gurgaon and Punjab, this gentleman has passed many a milestone. In 1986, young and spirited Manoj Mehra conceptualised and created a brand that took the fashion industry by storm – Study By Janak. A graduate from Ripley School of Fashion, London, he created this brand as a tribute to the evolved and fashion conscious man of today, who desires to carry himself off with panache wherever he goes. Manoj Mehra is a leader who believes in leading from the front. In addition to being the director of Study By Janak, this man of talent is also in charge of the design cell and particularly looks after the ethnic and designer suits collection. With unwavering passion, he passionately churns out enviable creations, ceaselessly. Initiating and popularising the trend of stylish groom wear, be bridged the gap in the fashion for the man in vogue. His un-relentless passion and endeavors have carved a nice for the brand of being the a trusted name for ethnic couture ensembles for both men and women that does not only define a person, they define- attitude.

 Basking in the glory and stopping at the achievement of this magnanimous stature wasn’t Mannoj’s thing. He has been constantly working on taking the brand a notch up in terms of quality as well as the designs that are being churned out by the State of The Art manufacturing unit.

 Under his leadership, Study By Janak has taken fashion beyond ramps and mannequins. It has carved a niche for itself in the minds of the crème-de-la-crème of Indian society. 

Mrs. Vandy Mehra- Director

When one thinks of indegenious luxury retail, one is bound to mention Study By Janak and when its Study by Janak – Vandy Mehra is synonymous.  She is personification of ambition yet compassion; success and humility.
If women is known for her balancing act then she truly epitomises the perfection of this art of balancing.
A dynamic and forward-thinking marketing professional with an entrepreneurial spirit is what defines Vandy Mehra. Her knack for fashion and a tremendous feel for the pulse of the consumer has taken the brand to the next level and made it a palpable choice for the discerning consumer. Spearheading the Study By Janak’s Women’s couture, she also heads the marketing initiatives of the brand and constantly works around translating consumer needs into reality. She has given a new dimension to prêt by offering the finest designs, without compromising on quality.
Since her joining the family business, she has set up a new benchmark for other indegenious brands.
It was her hard work and futuristic vision that has won accolades of BEST FASHION HOUSE of 2011 for Study By Janak, “Retailer of the Year -” twice in a row . To her credit she has won number of awards through the decade. “Women’s Achievers Award”; “Delhi Fit & Fab” twice in a row; Women Achiever: Entrepreneur of the Year to name a few.
A Convent of Jesus and Mary product, her graduation is from Lady Shri Ram College. The designer streak being in her, she took up Dress Designing from Polytechnic, South Delhi Post College.
Her keen interest and passion for fashion business paved her way to being an entrepreneur. As it goes that behind every successful man there is a women but here Vandy credit’s her success to her husband, Mr. Mannoj Mehra, who has not just been her soul mate, but also a supporter, and a mentor. She always finds him by her side to guide her through every thick and thins and it is visible in the success that’s trickling through the brand in terms of vertical and lateral expansion.

Mr. Ayush Mehra- Managing Director

Mr. Ayush Mehra, the young and dynamic face of Study By Janak, is driving the three decade old legacy of the brand from the front.

Ayush started his journey with the conceptualization of the franchisee model – SBJ 690, the base line of which was to maximize the production facility of Study By Janak and expand the distribution network of designer fashionable prêt wear. The brand set up over 80 stores across India in less than 2 years.

While being operational, he realized that this model, though expandable, will not be sustainable in terms of profitability. The cost sheets and the P&L’s were glaring at him telling the same story and thus at that time- however hard it was- he took a self-exit from this domain.

Ayush adds that this was a learning curve which got him to learn the nuances of production, retail expansion and most importantly Number crunching.

Post his experience with SBJ 690, he joined Study By Janak as a Director; with a passion to achieve greater heights and a clear vision to make Study By Janak from being a family run enterprise to a corporate power house, Ayush got to work!

With his persistent efforts and focused vision, within a span of 4 years took Study By Janak from 26,000 sq. ft. 1,00,000 sq. ft. of luxury retail space, with a clear mission of expanding it to 2,00,000 sq. ft. of ‘one-stop fashion destination’ that would showcase the best of bespoke & couture labels for both men and women, across India.

He is an exceptional leader, who is driving his team hands-on through each roadblock with panache.  He is an ethical and process oriented leader always open to experimentation and taking calculated risks. With a persona of high esteemed spirit and a talent to multitask, he manages the key verticals of the Brand – ‘Finance & Accounting, Merchandising and Business Development along with being an active part of operations. He even makes it a point to allocate time to personally meet clients at their outlets.

Ayush aims to & is in the process of converting Study By Janak from a Family Run Enterprise into a Corporate Power House with over 100 stores spread across India in the coming years.

Mrs. Sonali Mehra-Director

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